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how we work

Creating a new piece begins with a conversation between the dancers - each bringing ideas to help shape the content, the tone and the dynamics. Our artistic director will initiate and facilitate the process and she retains the artistic overview and final say but the choreographic process is remarkably democratic. All members of the company contribute ideas and movement and all suggestions are tried and developed or abandoned based on open debate.

Any Crossover performance will include phrases originated by each and every dancer. This may not be obvious to the audience but it invests the piece with an important shared sense of ownership which translates into a meaningful experience for the audience.

The company includes dancers with a long history of training and professional experience as well dancers with no technical training at all. Some are more flexible than others. Some bring very different kinds of energy. All contributions carry equal weight and all dancers have to translate the intention in a movement to their own physical ability: one dancer’s leap in the air is another’s wave of the arm. Audiences have commented that the work is accessible because people of all ages and abilities can see themselves on the stage.

The choreography includes:
• Sequences built from movements contributed by all the dancers.
• Solos, duets and trios built from improvisation in rehearsal.
• Complex architectural structures made easier by the different sizes of the dancers and the wonderful possibilities presented by having a wheelchair on stage which can help support a large shape made up of several bodies and enable the shape to move.

Our first piece (Future Remembered, Past Imagined) was autobiographical looking at ourselves and how we are at our various ages. Our next piece (triptych) was abstract and emotional responding to natural and architectural stimuli. Our third piece (Dragon’s Tale) was a story of a fairground family punctuated by demonstrations of the rides and our latest piece (BOX) is more cerebral - looking at our awkward relationship with institutions.

In September 2010, Crossover was directed by Rosemary Lee in a piece specially commissioned for the re-opening of Pegasus Theatre in Oxford. This was the first time Crossover had worked with an outside choreographer.




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